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We don’t think this planet is so big, and we’re out to prove it by sharing stories about the people, places, and things we encounter on our own two feet. The premise for the Bare Sole Project is Barefoot Jake Brown’s 5 year adventure.

From 2012 to 2018, Jake traveled the United States by foot and thumb, carrying all his possessions in a backpack, and relying on the goodwill of strangers and his online audience. He always said “if I ever have to skip a meal, I’ll quit this and go back to a normal life.”

So many people cared so much that Jake never ran out of food, and thanks to their support he was able to have the experiences, make the stories, and build the network that is the Bare Sole Project today.

Learn more about this transcontinental community and Jake’s UPCOMING BOOK.

Do you have a Barefoot Jake Brown story? Were you a host, driver, or did you join him during a journey run? Reach out and catch up! Jake wants to tell the stories of people he met during his journeys, and promote grassroots causes in appreciation of support received in the past.

Conscious Lifestyle

PEDITATION is a method of combining meditation and pedestrianism. It was first developed as a coping mechanism for enduring multi-day footraces, and evolved into a lifestyle routine after Jake, who came up with the idea, encountered the works of spiritual leader and meditation expert, Culadasa (John Yates, P.H.D.).

“The Greatest Moment of our lives is when our mind or our body is stretched to it’s limit in the voluntary pursuit of something both difficult and worthwhile.”

~ Anonymous
Meg’n’Jake’s Never-Ending Road Trip

@MegnJake are a nomadic power couple from Upstate New York. They manage the Bare Sole Project and other websites while traveling the USA. Jake is a professional endurance athlete. Meg is a master gardener and natural products developer.

In November, 2019, Jake left the east coast for California to train for Across the Years 10-Day Race. Meg joined him for the event, and afterwards the two set out on a loosely planned winter road trip that was supposed to end in time for them to return to their gardening clients in the Hudson Valley.

And then, Covid-19 happened.

Meg and Jake found themselves stranded 3,000 miles from home with nothing but their car and savings; no home, no jobs, and both were worn out from months on the road.

Follow the story of these two adventurers as they rise from the ashes of a country fallen apart, and see what it takes to survive and thrive in a Life on The Road.


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